Medical Specialty Innovations, Inc. situated in Alpharetta, Georgia is a dynamic, full spectrum manufacturer of medical supplies. Since 1997 the company has enjoyed a unique identity, offering a wide variety of disposable medical supplies specializing in Latex Free Solution Dispensing/Decanting Devices, Specialty/Custom Surgical Drapes and Multi-Purpose Fluid Absorbing Enviro-Pads.

Our line of Decanting Device products are designed for use in procedures where the aseptic transfer of fluids is required and meets the needs of specialty physicians such as Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic, Urologists, and Eye Surgeons. Our Decanting Devices are also commonly utilized in Cardiac Catherization Labs, Labor & Delivery, Organ Transplants, Open Heart Surgery, and many ‘other’ operating room procedures.

Our Surgical Drape product line consists of designs that meet the majority of hospital infection control requirements for many different surgical and operating procedures. MSI products possess increased barrier protection, decreased flammability, decreased linting, better drapability, has patient comfort in mind, as well as providing maximization of operating room efficiency and reduction of waste.

The Enviro-Pad is an economical Multi-purpose highly absorbent disposable fluid barrier pad with a laminated backing which absorbs an amazing 1,000 ML’s per square yard. The Air Spun Material provides enhanced comfort and has a multitude of practical uses both in and outside of the medical field including, Veterinary Clinics, Pet Groomers, Day Care centers, Automotive repair, Nursing homes, Assisted Living Centers, and any ‘other’ arena that would appreciate or benefit from a rapid fluid absorption need.