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MSI's product line of specialty latex free disposable single use decanting spikes are designed for use in procedures where the aseptic transfer of fluids is required.  Our goal is to provide a superior product at competitive pricing to meet or exceed the needs of the customer.  The quality product line qualifies for use on a hospital wide basis, are utilized by specialty areas like the cardiac cath lab, open-heart surgery, labor and delivery, organ transplants, and in free standing surgery clinics. 

As a matter of information, our products are both ETO and Gamma compatible.  Our preferred method of sterilization is Gamma for single sterile units.  MSI currently offers 5 different types of decanting devices.

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Our Surgical Drape product line consists of designs that meet the majority of hospital infection control requirements for many different surgical and operating procedures.  MSI products possess increased barrier protection, decreased flammability, decreased linting, better drapability, has patient comfort in mind, as well as providing maximization of operating room efficiency and reduction of waste.

MSI has several sterile Latex Free Specialty Surgical Drapes with  features that include Window Panels, Specialty Fenestrations, Utility Pouches, and Quality Adhesives.

MSI's drapes feature an absorbent pad that is simply one of the most absorbent in the market today. This means a significantly reduced risk of exposure to body fluids and a quicker clean-up/room turn around time.

Since many hospitals choose to design their own surgical drapes, some needing a longer or wider drape while others need/desire drapes with multiple fenestrations, windows, pockets, cut-outs, tear away sections, etc., MSI has the ability to produce design/equipment specific drapes. This means you can have a drape that is designed for a specific procedure and at the same time  accommodate the equipment in the Lab.  All of our surgical drapes can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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Enviro Pads

The Enviro-pad is an economical Multi-purpose highly absorbent disposable fluid barrier pad with a laminated backing which absorbs an amazing 1,000 ML’s per square yard. The Air Spun Material provides enhanced comfort and can be used in a number of situations from dry bed protection to Animal Training or even as diaper underpads.


TheraworxTM is an all natural solution designed to cleanse and nourish the skin. The skin healthy formula lasts for hours after skin application providing long lasting moisture and protection. Containing no alcohols it leaves your skin soft and comfortable rather than cracked and dry. Patented in 2002, this product has blossomed into a full line of skin healthy products safe for the entire family, but strong enough for the clinician.

TheraworxTM is a skin healthy solution to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin.  The science behind the magic is multi-factorial and was designed over a period of years.  First created by a Dermatologist a decade ago, it has undergone a creation of its own.  Patented in 2002, with ingredients included by category to perform numerous tasks, its  base solution can be safely manipulated to become an entire line of  products dedicated to meet the needs of the times.

Each ingredient is critical along with the methods used to provide a stable reliable product.  TheraworxTM is distributed only after undergoing a unique treatment process.  This allows us to provide a product free of chemicals and alcohols so often used to prevent bacterial growth.  Each ingredient is added in clinically significant amounts to assure function, not simply look good on the label.

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